As of January 2020 Coral Coast Christian School will emerge under a new name – Hope Adventist School.


Mrs Kristy Norman has been appointed Principal and will formally commence her duties in early January 2020.  For the past 8 years Mrs Norman has been a valued member of staff and is loved by the students and highly respected by parents.  She brings a wealth of experience to the new Hope Adventist School and coupled with her outstanding organisational ability is keenly looking forward to leading this refreshed school in providing Christian Education to the Bundaberg Community in a small, family orientated setting.


Adopting current best practice classrooms will be set up providing a Flexi Learning experience for students.  Each learning area at Hope Adventist School will receive a “makeover” to provide flexible learning spaces for students.  Areas will be developed for formal teaching together with stimulating spaces in which students will adapt to how best they learn – perhaps on a bean bag, around a “picnic” table, in a reading loft, on a couch and so on.  These spaces will provide a homely atmosphere where students can excel.


Formalising the differentiated curriculum will also challenge and inspire students in their flexi learning spaces.  A differentiated curriculum is one that is individualised to meet the diverse needs of all students in their respective classes.  As gifted children expert Susan Weinbrenner says, “Equality means giving everyone equal opportunities to learn, not teaching everyone the same way.”  (Ref.

“This means that all teaching approaches outlined in the curriculum are flexible, so that the content being taught is digestible and refreshingly challenging for each individual child.”  (Ref.

How will the formalised differentiated curriculum work?  All children will be tested on entry to the school.  They will then be placed in their level of ability in the different subjects.  Teachers will teach the same topic but have materials that are at different levels appropriate to each of the students.  Due to work being at their level they are able to progress usually 12 months in 12 months unless they have an intellectual difficulty.  This approach will enable Hope Adventist School to implement the Australian Curriculum with ease as all students will be working at their ability level.  (Ref. Prescott Southern College, Adelaide S.A.)


Each family enrolling in 2020 will be provided with two sets of school uniform – polo shirt and shorts for both boys and girls.  The uniform is still being developed.  It is the expectation that after 2020 parents will purchase school uniform items for their children.


To assist parents in transporting their children to and from Hope Adventist School a Mitsubishi Rosa will be provided with parents being charged a fee for this service.


Please call Mrs Julie Hanna, Office Administrator, on ( 07) 4151 7311 to book an interview and tour.  The new Principal, Mrs Kristy Norman will be on site to introduce you to the exciting possibilities of Hope Adventist School.