Spiritual Life

The heart of what we do

Spiritual Life

At Hope Adventist School it is our desire to see every student flourish; living a fulfilling life through a relationship with God, developing spiritually as champions of God’s message, and understanding that He has a special purpose for each one of His children. School administration, teachers, support staff and chaplains all contribute to the spiritual life at Hope.

Pastoral Care

Staff at Hope are committed to the health and well-being of every student. We believe that each student is precious as they have been made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) with a unique purpose for their lives. Hope is committed to providing a variety of opportunities that facilitate spiritual and emotional growth through the primary years. Developing self-worth in our students and encouraging them to participate in service projects are important aspects of our Pastoral Care program.


Our Chaplaincy provides a God-centred, supportive spiritual program where students can begin and strengthen their personal faith journey and find value in a life of service to God and the community. We have two part time Chaplains who oversee the pastoral care, and spiritual development of our students and staff. Students have opportunity to be involved in various Chaplaincy ministries:

  • Weekly chapel programs
  • Group Bible studies
  • Community service projects
  • School camps
  • Annual Week of Worship programs
  • Local church services

Community Outreach Initiative – Hands of Hope

Our values are not simply words on a page. They are to be part of our everyday life, reflecting Jesus Himself in practical ways. The motto of the Hands of Hope program is ‘Spreading Kindness.’ It involves our school community coming together to spread kindness and bring hope to family, friends, neighbours, and strangers. Encouraged by Ephesians 4:32, to be kind to one another, the Hands of Hope initiative provides the umbrella for our staff, parents, and students to be the hands and feet of Jesus by reflecting His character. For it is when we spread kindness, we bring joy to people and make a positive difference. It teaches us to look out for the needs of others. Each term we are provided with opportunities to put our values into action by serving our community locally, nationally and internationally through various projects.