What We Teach

Hope Adventist School implements the Australian Curriculum across all the Learning which are: English, Mathematics, Encounter (Bible), Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education, and LOTE – Japanese. We are a data inspired school which enables teachers to implement a differentiated curriculum for Mathematics and English. A differentiated curriculum is students learning at their own ability level.

We also have excellent student to teacher ratios resulting in no student being overlooked. Teachers are able to focus on the individual developmental needs of their students and tailor their learning to meet their needs. All students take part in learning about the Bible through the Encounter Program as explained below.

Adventist Encounter Curriculum

Adventist Encounter Curriculum is a spiritual journey for students, which takes them from kindergarten through to the independent, free thinking teenager. It takes each individual on an expedition with God.

The Adventist Encounter Curriculum is a seamless curriculum that is intentional about exploring big-picture, spiritual concepts with the goal of making a difference. This curriculum uses the four walls of the classroom to help build a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ, using the Bible as the source of truth. Through rigorous pedagogical practice, it explores and develops personal spiritual experience and reasons for faith, lifestyle choices, and ethical decision-making from an Adventist worldview, all the while nurturing interpersonal relationships (the essence of a faith-building environment) and service to others. In short, it seeks to develop these disciples of the Great Commission.

Transformation is the goal of the Adventist Encounter Curriculum. The Adventist Encounter Curriculum supports teachers in sharing a series of learning experiences with their students where they meet God through biblical stories and themes, are provided with the opportunity to develop a relationship with Him, are able to put their beliefs into practice in their own lives, and celebrate these realities.


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